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George Dennis® Philosophy

We have put a lot of effort into developing our line of all - tube amplifiers. The result is an amplifier which delivers an impeccable sound, and combines extreme versatility with ease of use. The Blue is a great tool in the hands of any player, in search of that particular personal edge.

On our assembly line, only the best components are used in building The Blue. Each and every components has been meticulously tested, to ensure a long and trouble free life. To partner our amazing amplifier, we use Celestion loudspeakers in all our enclosures.

20 years of experience in the music business has been invaluable during the development of our amplifiers. Our philosophy is that it does not make sense to come up with many different amplifiers, each of which catering to the requirements of just one particular musical style. Instead we have managed to build one amplifier, The Blue, which is versatile enough to accommodate all styles. Plug in, crank it up, and let your ears be the judge.


George Burgerstein - company president and designer


Intoduction notes

When you are considering a purchase of a guitar amplifier, here are several reasons why you may consider selecting „The Blue“ from George Dennis.

You will be owner of an incredibly versatile, 4 channel, all tube amplifier, with each individual channel comprising of three independent tone controls. This allows you to find your own specific personal sound, thanks to a virtually unlimited choice of tone options.

The layout of the front panel makes using The Blue very simple.

The Master Cut control gives you a global tone cut on all pre-set channels.

The reverb has two modes of operation. In the LO position, the reverb sounds dark, and is less prominent. In the Hi position, the sound is much brighter.

When tested in USA, England and Germany, the conclusion has been unanimous:
„This amplifier works with you, acting as an extension of your creative soul“.

Let’s make the journey together !


The Blue™ story.

It all started in 1973 with George and his friend Alex jamming together in a rock band. George was using the VOX AC30. Alex had talked him into trying his own self-made version of an all tube amplifier. George was so impressed with the amplifier, he sold his Vox and used Alex’s amp from then on.

Eventually, life dictated that the band had to split. George had moved to Germany, subsequently establishing himself as a successful businessman, dealing with musical instruments, while Alex embarked on a career as a professional guitarist and singer.

In 1983, the initial model of „The Blue Amplifier“ was undergoing further development work by George, assisted by a mutual friend and fellow musician named Martin. Tragically, an automobile accident ended Martin’s life, before he could see the completion of the first prototype; the project had stalled.

In 1996, after 5 years of manufacturing and selling effect pedals, George decided to develop a line of all tube guitar amplifiers with the same, somewhat nostalgic, name „The Blue“.
Thanks to an almost magic set of circumstances, the paths of George and Alex crossed again. The two decided to join forces, combining their talents and experiences in business and music respectively, to develop the amplifier together. In designing „The Blue“, Alex has come up with some ground breaking ideas, and has drawn upon his experiences from playing through most of the leading makes of guitar amplifiers.

After a busy year of intensive research, Alex has developed a circuitry for a truly terrific guitar amplifier. The enthusiastic reaction from guitar players continues to flood in, so we feel justified in stating: The baby has arrived
The baby’s name is The Blue, The Blue is waiting to be pampered by you and your guitar.

Have a lot of fun and a great deal of success!

Sincerely yours George Burgerstein