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Vintage Blue Combo, 80 W RMS, 2x12" Celestion Greenback loudspeakers, 2 channels, 4 x 12AX7, 2 x E-34-L tubes.
This gem of our production provides unique vintage clean and distorted sound, which is highly sought by all fans of blues music. The cabinet is made from laminated Finish birch except the front panel which is cut from massive Canadian cherry.

Clean channel controls:
Treble, Treble shift, Middle, Middle select, Bass, Bright, Volume
Lead channel controls: Gain, Tone, Bright, Warm, Volume
Master controls: Master volume, Master Bright, Reverb, Reverb sensitivity
Rear panel: Voltage selector 115/230 V, Mains and H.T. fuses, Parallel FX loop, FX loop Blend, Speaker outputs 4 and 8 ohm,
D.I. Output, Foot Switch Input.

Dimensions in mm: 550 (H), 660 (W), 275 (D) Weight: 26 kg

Vintage Blue Head
This amp has identical specifications as the Vintage Blue combo.

Dimensions in mm: 265 (H), 605 (W), 275 (D) Weight: 17 kg